Dear Board Members and Flight Attendants:

This topic was included within our Officers Report, but we are also sending as a stand-alone email since we are getting close to the date.
The Coalition passed a resolution last year to support fundraising efforts by asking members of Congress to set an example by making a voluntary, personal contribution to the memorial. The memorial is $1.7 million shy of full funding. 
On September 10, AFA and the Coalition of Flight Attendant Unions will be distributing a letter to every congressional office about the final fundraising phase for the United Flight 93 National Memorial in Shanksville, PA. 
If you are able, please join us on September 10 in Washington DC, and extend the invitation to your members as well. We will meet on Capitol Hill at 11 AM for a briefing and to distribute materials. We anticipate finishing by 2:30-3 PM
For more information, please contact AFA Government Affairs Director Stephen Schembs at
In solidarity,
Kevin P Creighan
International Secretary-Treasurer
Association of Flight Attendants – CWA, AFL-CIO